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Beauty salon in Dublin offers a full-service luxury menu

Combining the science of beauty with excellence in customer care.

Beauty & Skin aesthetic studio

Current claims for Iontophoresis treatment include hydration, repair and regeneration of damaged or mature skin, stimulation of sluggish circulation. Beauty & Skin aesthetic studio: Tighten and firm the skin. Smoothes nerve ending. Revitalises tissue. Refines enlarged pores and improves the texture of the skin. - Wrinkles are visible smoother and [...]

Permanent Makeup in Ashbourne

Visit our beauty salon “Beauty and Skin” in Ashbourne and book Permanent Makeup today! We use specialised sterile instruments to place hypoallergenic colour pigments into the deeper layer of skin. Clients with a heart condition, diabetic, epilepsy and pregnancy would all be contraindicated. Permanent Makeup in beauty salon “Beauty [...]


Microdermabrasion is alternative to chemical peels or lasers. The procedure is a noninvasive, fast and gentle treatment that removes layers of dead and flaking skin to create an improvement in your skin appearance. REVEAL A MORE RADIANT, YOUTHFUL COMPLEXION - Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion Removing toxins Deep exfoliating Reduce of [...]

Beauty Salon Price List

Here is a list of prices for services at Beauty Salon in Ashbourne. VISIBLE RESULTS AFTER FIRST TREATMENT. Semi-Permanent Make Up (Brows, Eyeliner, Lips) - from €150 Mesotherapy Hair loss, Increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, Prevention of wrinkles, Improves tone and elasticity of sagging skin on the [...]

Skin-Care Consultation. Anti-aging advice. Skincare and health products

Skin-Care Consultation in beauty salon “Beauty and Skin” in Dublin. Unlike some spas and other providers of aesthetic services, here you’ll meet with qualified estheticians, NOT a sales manager. You may tried lots of beauty products without positive results. Only in-person session with a professional will guarantee improvment. [...]

Brow Spa – after this exclusive treatment your eyebrows & lashes will be perfect

Brow Spa in beauty salon “Beauty and Skin” in Dublin. During Brow-Spa session, brow specialist will choose a perfect shape suits you. Eyebrows will be shaped ( wax and tweezing) ,tinted as well as your eyelashes. If requierd you can add eyelashes curling - this is other our [...]

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I really don’t like going to beauty salons but I’m very happy to go to “Beauty and Skin” where they offers a warm and friendly, yet very professional, service. Treatment room is spotlessly clean, smells good and the atmosphere is very comfortable. It would be easy to fall asleep during treatments in such a tranquil environment, but I enjoy chatting with staff so I stay awake! There is no problem with traffic or parking, which adds to the hassle-free experience. Highly recommended!

Testimonials for Beauty salon in Dublin

Great first experience. All staff were great, right from entering into the warm, welcoming environment. Therapist was professional, friendly, fun and accommodating – really happy with the results. Thank you!


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