When is YOUR skin starts AGING?!

//When is YOUR skin starts AGING?!

When is YOUR skin starts AGING?!

Many of us don’t really think of aging process and don’t notice the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots until late 30s.

When is YOUR skin starts AGING?!

When is YOUR skin starts AGING?!

“Super Woman”

We are so busy with settling our lives that frequently we forget to look after ourselves! We always put our family, kids, husbands, boyfriends, our job as number one! Besides, many magazines promoting this “Super Woman”, who has beautiful family, three children (that She brings to different activities), fabulous always clean house, healthy dinner made every evening, She has time for gym and look good and She is running successful business at the same time!!!

In my 10 years experience in beauty industry, honestly, I haven’t met anyone like that!!!! Do you?!

Well let me tell you, after all the stress and different lifestyles our skin starts aging as early as mid 20s! In your 20s: you have great collagen supply, skin is radiant, however some of us have acne breakouts, some pimples popping up in the lower face, and use of harsh skin care products lead to early signs of aging. In your 30s: more visible changes – uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, lines around eyes and on the forehead become more visible, in some cases broken blood vessels…

Aging is endless!

In your 40s: skin becomes more dry or dehydrated leading to more pronounced lines, skin looks more dull, tired, dark circles and age spots more difficult to hide… Due to lost of elasticity the corner of the mouths drops, skin on the neck becomes more saggy…

The list of different skin condition and aging is endless! Stress, Pollution, Unhealthy lifestyle, Wrong Skin Care Products(or no any skin care at all), Harsh Soaps = years of damage!!! …and then you would wonder “why I’m not attractive to my husband any more?

What do I do now?”Most of our clients looking for the quick fix or treatments that would give you visible results and believe it or not – we have a solution: Microdermabrasion, Dermal Fillers, Lifting Faradic treatments, Mesotherapy and Microneedeling and more of Anti-Aging services!

Do you want to reverse signs of aging? Do you want to see the results? Act now, call for your free skin consultation! We have solution for all skin types and all ages!

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