Winter is coming

//Winter is coming

Winter is coming

More frequently my friends and clients are complaining saying – “Winter is only starting, but my skin looks like a dragon’s skin!”

Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Firstly, remember – you are Princess and must treat your skin accordingly!

My simple tips will help you to control that “Dragon’s skin” and build the protective shield for your skin against the harsh weather conditions.

It is well known that during a cold wind, the skin is losing moisture faster than when exposed to the sun. In addition to the above, scientists are confident that during winter skin is more prone to changes and aging process.

During the sharp drop in outside temperatures, skin is going under the stress. As an example, let say you working in the office with air-conditioning and when you come outside in rainy and windy weather your skin starts its defensive mechanism and actively produce free radicals, that speed up the aging process.

Besides, after summer, when skin was exposed to the sun, it is crucial to ensure to have proper recovery plan.

  • Remember to nourish your skin by drinking plenty of water, as it is great source of hydration and it will make skin colour more radiant as well.
  • When using face moisturizer, make sure apply it at list an hour before going out and of course before going to bed using the night creams. The biggest mistake many of us does it is applying face moisturizer 20-30 min before going outside.
  • When choosing moisturizers pick one with Vitamins A, E, C.
  • Have regularly done fruity peels that will help to remove all dead skin cells and make skin more vibrant.
  • When selecting scrubs, especially for combination or oily skin, ensure choose the one with tiny small enzymes that will be soft and gentle to the skin and won’t damage it.
  • Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening using cleansers and toners, pick the one free of alcohol, as it dries skin as well.
  • Treat yourself to nourishing and recovering face masks at list once a week for a 15-20min.
  • Always use cream with SPF protection, even during the winter.
  • Follow general healthy lifestyle recommendations: give up smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, pastries, sweets and floury foods. Remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

Now is the time to get Lymphatic Drainage Facial massage to drain toxins and improve skin overall appearance, get nice and relaxing paraffin masks or enhance your skin with vitamins with use of our Powerful Mesotherapie!

DON’T HESITATE, schedule your FREE skin care consultation in our Clinic!

Mind yourself and winter will fail!



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